Angry Builders

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Angry Builders
Angry Birds
Release Date
October 14th, 2024
Solo Campaign/Online Sharing

Angry Builders is an entry in the Angry Birds series developed by Rovio and released on all current mobile and PC platforms. As a celebration of the franchise's 15th anniversary this game not only featured all playable birds and pigs from all the mainline games up to that point, but had the main selling point of building and sharing levels across the internet. Despite this the game also launched with a campaign mode where level packs were based off levels submitted by other players in a contest. The game was a massive hit being the most downloaded Angry Birds game of all time and being praised for its simplicity but depth of the level builder.


Angry Builders as stated previously features a level builder as the main focus of the game. At the start players are introduced to the concept of level building by re-creating the very first level from the original Angry Birds, followed by Leonard and his cronies messing it up and introducing the campaign mode. Level creation is made by using the touch screen to drag and drop object onto a grid. Objects can be rotated and lengthened, which also affects the properties of certain objects as well. Each level requires a goal, what and where the pigs will be, and the selection of which birds will be slingshot in which order. At frist you can only use the original flock members (Red, Chuck, Matilda, Bomb, and the Blues) but you can unlock other birds by completing episodes in the campaign mode.

  • The other members of the flock (this includes Bubbles, Stella, Terence, Hal, and Silver) are unlocked by completing Episode 1 (Big Setup)
  • Frost and Tony are unlocked by beating the two Egg-durance stages of Episode 2 (Cold Cuts)
  • The flock debuting in Angry Birds Stella (Poppy, Luca, Willow, and Dahlia) are unlocked by completing Episode 3 (Nature Retreat)
  • The pigs (Leonard, Courtney, and Garry) are unlocked by completing certain levels in Episode 5 (New Pig City)
  • Gale is unlocked by completing Episode 8 (Gale's Gilded Fortress)
  • Zeta is unlocked by completing the secret episode (Eagle Island)

To officiate a level, one must complete it using the birds and items given to them. After that the score needed to rack up stars is scaled based on the maximum score you could collect from the stage based on the amount of destructible parts in the level. When officiated the level can be published and played by other players on the servers. While these levels can be completed to gain the classic three gold stars, they don't actually do anything when collected, rather if the level gets verified by an admin of the server based on a number of factors (good structure design, good and balanced selection of birds, etc) those stars become blue. Blue stars can be used to buy costumes for your birds to show off on your profile and new pigs to place as enemies. Blue stars can also be completed by beating levels in the campaign.

Playable Birds

Bird Name Ability
Red.png Red The leader of the flock can be direct to screech at structures, causing them to be pushed away.
Chuck.png Chuck The yellow speedster can dash forwards extremely quickly, best used when breaking wooden structures.
Blues.png The Blues The tiny triplets start out as one but can be split apart into three separate birds, best used when breaking glass and ice.
Bomb.png Bomb This bird has an explosive temper, when either self-triggered or automatically he will explode dealing heavy damage to sturdy structures, particularly metal.
Matilda.png Matilda This peaceful powerhouse can be triggered to launch an explosive egg that breaks sturdy structures from above, great against stone structures.
Bubbles.png Bubbles A candy obssesed kid, he can puff himself up to push structures away from him, and is great at busting wood.
Hal.png Hal An awkward individual who can boomerang himself backward to break structures from behind , stronger on the way back as well.
Terence.png Terence Terence doesn't need an ability, all he to wreck buildings is pure girth.
Silver.png Silver An acrobatically inclined falcon who can do powerful divebombs from above that can break stone.
Stella.png Stella An outgoing bird, she is quite talented in blowing bubbles and is capable of trapping her surroundings in said bubbles before they burst, releasing their contents.
IceBird.png Frost He's a strange alien bird from a frigid distant galaxy, he can freeze durable wood and stone into fragile ice when either directed or done automatically after impact.
Tony.png Tony Terence's cousin from up north, while his soft pelt makes him weaker at smashing buildings, he makes up for it with being able to produce earth-shaking slams onto the ground.
Poppy.png Poppy An avid musician, she goes by her own beat, but will gladly spin into a material scattering tornado when instructed.
Willow.png Willow While a somewhat shy artist, she is still a fierce combatant spinning like a sawblade and ricocheting off walls.
Luca.png Luca A small bird with a big voice, his screams beam out like a laser and can both shatter glass and ricochet off metal
Dahlia.png Dahlia A bird who is serious about science and research, she has recently develop a power that lets her attract building materials before pushing them away at great distances.
Gale.png Gale A rather spoiled bird, she is quite agile as she can be directed to jump from a series of walls and push back any materials near said walls.
Leonard.png Leonard King of Piggy Island, he can spit a series of corrosive snot bubbles that can both break down metal and change his trajectory.
Garry.png Garry This pig must like potent brews as he can toss coffee cups that explode on impact.
Courtney.png Courtney Leonard's assistant, her phone comes some handy gadgets, including a beam that can attract objects towards her.
Zeta.png Zeta Leader of Eagle Island, she has a battalion of ice cannons ready to shoot, when she lands down an ice ball will shoot from above her location, this can also be targeted.
Mighty Eagle.png Mighty Eagle The most powerful bird of them all, just by summoning his can of sardines he will crash down and instantly defeat all the pigs on screen.


You have 4 main materials with several other minor building materials. The main materials are glass, wood, stone, and the newly introduced metal. Each of the four main materials have special properties that can be taken advantage of when building stages.

  • Glass is extremly smooth, items are more likely to slide off this material that others.
  • Wood can be burned by fire sources like torches or lava and spread to other flammable materials.
  • Stone is the heaviest material and can instantly break metal and other similar items if it falls from a high enough height.
  • Metal is reflective, laser shots and Luca's sonic screech can bounce and ricochet off this material.


The goal of each stage is too either defeat all of the pigs, defeat all of the eagles, or free the hatchlings. While you can't have both pigs and eagles as enemies in the same level you can still have hatchling cages alongside the birds or pigs.

Base Pigs

  • When Leonard, Courtney, and Garry are used as playable characters the pigs are replaced with eagles. So when a pig is described herecthere will be an eagle equivalent.

A base pig is a basic pig, no abilities but they do have different weights and such. When interacting with a base pig in the creation mode you can change it into a special pig which keeps the same properties listed below while also gaining new properties.

Pig Description
MinionPig.png Minion Pig The basic pigs, they can be popped pretty easily, comes in tiny, medium, and large sizes.
ForemanPig.png Mustache Pig A medium sized pig with some durability to him, won't just take a simple hit to pop him.
FatPig.png Fat Pig The largest of them all, he is heavy, durable, and a tough cookie.

Special Piga

Pig Description
Knight Pig Pigs in heavy armor, they must crash into the ground in order to tear their armor to pieces.
Necromancer Pig A pig wizard who summons a zombie pig that rises out of the same ground that this pig lied on when defeated.
Batter Pig A pig with a baseball bat, hit anything hitting him forwards away from him
Skater Pig A pig wearing either roller skates on stone and wood or ice skates on glass and metal, it moves left and right.
Pogo Pig A pig riding a pogo stick that jumps up and down, it comes in many different colors.