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This page contains information relating to Fanon Wiki's community.

Welcome to Fanon Wiki! The community portal is where the Fanon Wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki.


The following is a list of useful resources any user can refer to at any time.

  • A list of help items can be found in the help category.
  • Alternatively, ask an active user here or on the Fanon Wiki's Discord server for real-time assistance.
  • Users that need help editing should see the editing help page's contents.
  • Read Fanon Wiki's policies and guidelines so that articles can be consistent and of high quality.
  • Also be sure to see here for a collection of useful templates, some of which are documented here.
  • To discuss a topic specific to an article, use its respective talk page, and for general wiki discussion, use the forums. Remember to adhere to the talk page policy while doing so.
  • Learn more about Pikmin Fanon's goals in its about page.

The following Wikipedia pages can provide additional help to those that need it:

Helping out

Any user can help with the following tasks, and more.

Be sure to see the full list of special pages here.

See also