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Kamabo Co.
Kamabo Co. (previous)
Inkopolis (current)

Firtha is an octoling who used to be subject #2939 at Kamabo Co. With the help of Saffron, she escaped the heinous facility and moved to Inkopolis to try and start a new life for herself.


As Subject #2939

While Firtha was a test subject, her appearance was quite ragged, sporting a torn and stained white hospital gown with bandages wrapped around her arms and legs. Another bandage was wrapped around her head, acting as a makeshift eyepatch to cover her missing eye. Her hair at this time was almost always cut extremely short due to the nature of her testing, and the parts of it that hadn't been desecrated were a rich magenta color.

New Life, New Look

After she escaped, Firtha wanted to forge a new life for herself, which required her to change her appearance so that she couldn't be recognized and recaptured. Now that she had access to proper clothes, She started sporting a light pink hoodie with a white undershirt, a dark denim miniskirt that she occasionally would swap out for jeans of the same color, and a pair of purple and grey sneakers. At first she would wear a face mask and beanie to hide her face and hair, but as she gained more confidence and her hair grew back, she stopped wearing them. Once her hair was back, she started wearing it in a ponytail and recolored it to a lilac color. She also started wearing a proper eyepatch over her eye, a white one not too different than the type used in hospitals.

Personality and traits

Prior to escaping, Firtha's personality consisted of a mostly shy and quiet demeanor, almost never talking, and when she did it was very quiet with few words. After she escaped however, she became less shy as she was finally able to be herself without suffering any repercussions, yet retained the way she spoke using few words.


As a test subject at Kamabo Co.

Subject #2939

As far as she can remember, Firtha had spent her entire life in Kamabo Co. as Subject #2939, being used to essentially "farm" new Octarians for sanitization. Once a week she was strapped to an operating table as her hair was cut by a robotic arm in order to create new Octarians from the severed tentacles. Due to how long hair took to regrow, a second machine would administer a drug to cause accelerated hair regrowth, so that she could be "harvested" more often.

"The Incident"

During one of the first few operations on her hair, Firtha tried to fight back against the robot, getting one of her legs loose and kicking it. This moved the machine to move ever so slightly, but it was enough to make the device no longer line up with her hair, but with her right eye instead. The staff scrambled to the emergency stop button in an attempt to stop the machine, but the damage had already been done, leaving Firtha with only one eye. From that point on, she stayed completely still in every operation out of fear of further maiming.


After escaping



  • Firtha's design before she escaped Kamabo Co. is based on Adalent's player octoling from Octo Expansion