List of WarioWare: The Top 500 microgames

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This page lists all the 500 microgames included in WarioWare: The Top 500. Each microgame falls under a control scheme—"Mash", "Twist" or "Touch"—and a genre—"Intro Games", "That's Life", "Fantasy", "High Tech", "Nintendo Classics", "Nature", "Sports", "Food", "Culture", "Pop-Up", or "Anything Goes". Many microgames in this game are from previous games in the WarioWare series.

A microgame with an italic font lasts twice as long.

Mash World

Microgames in this league are played using buttons only. Some games use the analog stick, others use the A/B/X/Y or directional buttons, and some of them use both.


Wario's first set of Intro Games introduces the "mash" controls to the player. Wario is featured in all games in some form. All eleven regular microgames are played before the boss microgame.


Image/Name Origin Description Passing score
Busted! I Spy from Mega Microgame$! "Now I'm a spy! Follow me with the searchlight, or I could disappear forever! You wouldn't want that, would you?" 15
Crazy Cars Mega Microgame$! "Jump over anything that comes your way! I threw a few tricks in there, so pay attention..." 15
Eye Spy Gold "A bunch of wide-eyed Warios are hanging out in the dark. The question is, how many of 'em are there?" 15
No Solicitors Gold "Hey! Who does this guy think he is?! Send him packing!" 30
The Maze That Pays Mega Microgame$! "Coins are scattered all over the maze! If you collect all of them, then I'll forgive you!" 20
Wario Whirled Mega Microgame$! "Whooooaaaa! I'm spiiiinnng! Please help me by stopping me at the right time!" 15
Borebike Unexcite Bike from Mega Microgame$! (not originally a boss stage) "My bike is gonna be the most exciting chopper yet. Watch out for pitholes and incoming Excitebikers. On your marks, get set... GO!" 8


Before "Speed Up" (in any order) After "Speed Up" (in any order) Boss microgame
Crazy Cars Busted! Borebike
No Solicitors Eye Spy
Answer Me! Shake It Up
Wario Whirled The Maze That Pays